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The "Mawkin throne room" is a room on Itorash. It appears in Metroid Dread. This is the throne room of the Mawkin tribe of Chozo on ZDR, and it is where Samus faces off against Raven Beak at the end of the game.


The Mawkin throne room is located in the topmost section of Itorash, and is accessed via a tall vertical elevator. The throne room prominently features Raven Beak's throne, set between two massive Chozo Soldier statues; more statues stand around the circumference of the room. The statues are holding swords, and they have their heads bowed in deference. Large dark red banners hang from above, embroidered in gold with the Mawkin emblem. The room's walls are largely taken up by enormous windows that appear to be formed by a red Force Field, overlooking a cloudy sky with bright sunlight.

With the throne and statues situated in the background, the room provides plenty of open space for the boss battle against Raven Beak.


"ADAM" tells Samus she has become a Metroid.

The throne room is initially disguised as an ordinary Network Station. When Samus arrives in it, she interfaces with the station and converses with ADAM, who tells her that she has become a Metroid due to her new power, and reveals that her Chozo DNA is half Thoha, half Mawkin.

It appears your Metroid DNA has caused you to become a Metroid. Ordinarily, this would have happened immediately after the DNA transplant.

Your Thoha genes must have slowed down the process. They were the only tribe capable of controlling the Metroids.

Though you possess their DNA, you are not a Thoha. Your physical prowess suggests that you must also possess Mawkin DNA.

Metroids are programmed to identify Mawkin as enemies. This suggests one thing to me.

It is very probable that your metamorphosis occurred as a result of Raven Beak's attack. His presence awakened the Metroid's killer instinct.

Since then, your metamorphosis has accelerated. It can no longer be controlled.

You are now a Metroid, Samus Aran. Your very existence poses a grave threat to the galaxy.

However, there is no need to fear. You can still contribute to galactic peace. You need only use your new powers correctly.


At this point, Samus's eyes narrow as she realizes she is not really speaking to ADAM. "ADAM" continues, revealing he was Raven Beak all along, from the moment she lost consciousness:

You have followed my instructions faithfully so far. Continue to do so. It's that simple.

I consider your performance here on ZDR highly satisfactory. As I hoped, it has even awakened your Metroid powers.

I was right to let you live during our first encounter. That one glimpse you showed told me everything.

Submit and offer up your power. My plan is the only way to bring order to the galaxy.

Fulfill your destiny, Samus. This is an order. Disobedience will not be tolerated.

—Raven Beak

Defiant, Samus shoots the projection of ADAM, destroying the illusion of the Network Station and revealing the throne room proper. Raven Beak remarks his frustration with Samus, before revealing that he donated her Mawkin Chozo DNA, referring to her as "my daughter."

You disappoint me... my daughter.

—Raven Beak

Raven Beak jumps from his throne into the foreground of the room, commencing the battle. During their long struggle, Samus shoots off one of his wings, and he rips out the other, casting it aside. Neither wing is seen on the floor in gameplay afterwards. Eventually, Raven Beak feigns defeat and Samus lunges at him, prepared to use her Metroid powers to siphon his life energy. overpowers his "daughter" a second time, and then speaks of his true plan.

Samus attempts to reach Raven Beak's head.

Did you truly believe you could defeat me? You overestimate yourself.

You no longer serve any purpose. Even your Metroid DNA is no longer necessary. Do you want to know why?

It is because I can now clone an army of the most powerful Metroid of all... Samus Aran.

No one can stand in my way. Not even you.

Foolish daughter... Leave the galaxy to me. Close your eyes and rest.

—Raven Beak

He holds Samus by her neck as she reaches out to grab his head, strangling her. Samus struggles, slamming her Arm Cannon onto his arm, but fails to release his grip and loses consciousness.

Power... is everything.

—Raven Beak

Suddenly, Samus's Metroid powers fully awaken, turning her Gravity Suit into the Metroid Suit. She goes berserk and destroys Raven Beak's helmet, screaming in rage as she grabs his head and drains his energy. As a side effect, she completely drains Itorash of its energy, sending it crashing to the surface of Hanubia below.

Connecting rooms[]



Metroid Suit and Hyper Beam
Acquired when Samus is nearly killed by Raven Beak.


  • The throne room is fully modeled and visible within the cockpit of Itorash's exterior model. Oddly, two of the low-poly models for the Chozo statues have their hands encased within cubes.[1]