Mechlops are, as the name suggests, robots modelled after the Triclops species native to Tallon IV. Found scurrying back and forth in the Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, these mechanoids were originally built by the Luminoth after they failed to domesticate and train the actual Tallonian creatures for unknown uses during their war with the Ing. Having perfectly recreated them through the Mechlops, the Luminoth were now capable of putting to use the earthmoving strength found within the Triclops.

After the Luminoth were forced to abandon their fortress, these mechanoids have since gone rogue and now serve the Ing Horde. They patrol small passages beneath floors which Samus can only access using her Morph Ball ability. If she is detected by them, they will utilize a sort of magnetic pull that will drag Samus into their jaws. Once grabbed, they will forcefully throw her out into the opening she used to enter the Morph Ball passage, causing damage as they do so. By using a Bomb the moment she is detected by a Mechlops, the weapon will get sucked into its pincers instead and the mechanoid will attempt to remove it from its environment like it would with Samus, only to explode moments later when the Bomb detonates.

While this behavior is seemingly identical to that of a real Triclops', in the case of the Mechlops it appears to be a deliberate act to prevent Samus from pursuing her goals, given the fact that their scan mentions they are now loyal to the Ing.

Mechlops only appear in the Dynamo Access.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Mechanism: Mechlops
Rogue mechanoid Triclops.
Luminoth-designed mechanoid gatherer with powerful jaws. Removes intruders forcibly.

Logbook entry

The Luminoth tried to domesticate and train a number of Triclops for use in the war, but failed. Undaunted, they created mechanical versions of the hardy creatures to use in battle. The few Mechlops that remain now serve other mechanoids, turning their potent jaws and earthmoving power against their former masters.


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  • According to its scan, Luminoth attempted to use Triclops during their war against the Ing. It is unknown what purpose the Triclops were going to be given during this period, though it was likely a non-combatant role, since the Ing would have easily possessed the mechanoids.