MedLab Alpha is a room on the G.F.S. Valhalla. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


MedLab Alpha is heavily damaged due to the Space Pirate attack, and contains several pieces of large debris that can be destroyed with Missile fire. Before Samus Aran can move on, three Phazon Hoppers ambush her. A small panel exists behind the former blockage, and can be ripped off its hinges with the Grapple Lasso. This brings Samus into a small tunnel under the floor requiring her Morph Ball. A Missile Expansion can be found here. A Fuse Hint Scanbot can also be scanned for data on Energy Cell ID: GC-9713N-5.

Connecting roomsEdit

MedLab Alpha Ship Missile Expansion

Ship Missile Expansion



Missile Expansion
See above.
Ship Missile Expansion
Samus chases the expansion from Xenoresearch Lab to MedLab Alpha in a tunnel.


Fuse Hint Scanbot
"Energy Cell data accessed. Status report has been downloaded. Information moved to Logbook."
Fuse Hint Scanbot (offline)
"Data has already been acquired from this terminal. Unit has automatically shut down."
"Structure has completely collapsed on itself. Claw marks are visible on the debris."
"Debris is blocking alcove. The obstruction could probably be destroyed by an explosive blast."
"Grating appears loose. It could probably be pulled off with enough force."
Phazon (present only if not scanned in MedLab Delta)
"Phazon is a substance of extragalactic origin. It is a highly radioactive ore with extreme mutagenic properties. It has certain biological qualities, including the ability to reproduce itself. Exposure to Phazon often affects the brains of sentient beings, causing erratic, destructive behavior. It is also a potent source of energy, surpassing even Fuel Gel in pure output potential. It must be handled carefully, as it can cause "Phazon sickness" if used incorrectly."
Phazon Enhancement Device (present only if not scanned in MedLab Delta)
"The Phazon Enhancement Device is designed to harness the energy of Phazon minerals, originally discovered on Aether, for a new Federation weapon system. It is being tested on GF Marine battalion stationed in the Norion system. Marines can initiate an energy siphon from a supply of Phazon carried in a backpack into their armorsuits. This allows them to temporarily enhance the exoskeleton and weapon systems to their armorsuits. To date, no marines have displayed signs of "Phazon sickness.""


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