Mega Turret

Main Quarry

The Mega Turret was a perimeter defense Turret reinforced with energy shielding, acting as an upgrade to the Auto Defense Turret. Samus Aran encountered these turrets in the Phazon Mines on Tallon IV. They were faster than the Auto Defense Turrets and dealt more damage. Their energy shielding required more firepower to destroy them, notably a Super Missile or charged Plasma Beam shot.

Mega Turrets can be found in Main Quarry, Mine Security Station, Elite Research, Quarantine Access A, Security Access A and Phazon Processing Center.

Logbook entryEdit

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Mega Turret

Metroid Prime

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Mechanism: Mega Turret
Perimeter defense turret reinforced with energy shielding.

Logbook entry

Frustrated with inferior armor plating on standard defense turrets, the Space Pirates added energy shielding to a modified heavy Cannon. The new shielding and increased Beam strength makes the Mega Turret an efficient point defense weapon.


  • Notably, if Samus fires the Wave Beam at the Mega Turret, the Turret is animated in a manner where it fires continuous shots and is swiveling up and down similar to a glitch error in Turrets or if ammunition is exposed to fire. A similar reaction occurs if Samus uses the Wave Beam against an Auto Defense Turret.