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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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The Megaroid before hatching.

Megaroid 2

A Megaroid after hatching.


The Megaroid after absorbing the energy from Dragüd's Ship.


The Megaroid's shattered form.

The Megaroid (メガロイド Megaroido?) is a type of Metroid and creature created by the Space Pirate leader, Dragüd. He once unknowingly landed on a planet with Metroids and the parasites made quick work of his minions. By studying a dead Metroid he obtained, his scientists had designed a "far more aggressive and submissive... A bioweapon surpassing the Metroids!"

Before they could perfect the mind control needed to keep it docile, it broke free of the D-Block of Dragüd's Ship while on planet Liberty, drained two scientists of their life energy, and knocked over three more Pirates while escaping through an opening door.

While the more of these creatures were planned for creation, it appears that only one was completed. It exhibits the Metroid's abilities to hover as well as drain the energy of creatures.

The Megaroid drains the ship of energy and grows to a gigantic size. Samus fails to destroy it with the classic Ice Beam/Missile execution, and its remains multiply into numerous Megaroids. They overpower Samus and threaten the Liberty village. However, Joey comes in to wipe the species out using Space Torches, and leads them off to Mount Pagos, while Samus destroys the Megaroids attacking her with the Plasma/Ice Beams, via thermal shock. She then uses a Power Bomb to awaken the inactive volcano, and then fires a Super Missile from the air, which annihilates the Megaroids for good.


  • The loss of flight in exchange for legs in Megaroids formed from the shattered original is similar to the Metroids' life cycle on SR388 and what happened to Metroid Prime and the Hopping Metroids.
  • The use of thermal shock to kill the Megaroids is similar to how the Alien in Alien3 was killed by dousing it in molten lead and then showering it with cold water to cause it to shatter.

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