Obstacle door grey

Metal door from Super Metroid.

Metal Doors are similar in appearance and accessibility to De-energized Doors, and appear in the 2D Metroid games. When Samus enters a room, the door behind her may lock and other times, she will find an area with several Metal Doors already in place. Usually they will only deactivate, allowing Samus to open them, after she has completed a task. The task usually involves purging the area of enemy hostiles, killing a boss, or returning power to machinery, however, some Metal Doors will never open and serve as one way passages through an area.

Note: Any Doors can "become" Metal Doors, there are not actually any Doors like this normally. The Sealed Doors and Blast Shields of the Prime Series are most likely the same as the Metal Doors.

Special HatchEdit

Navigation Room

A Special Hatch on the left.

A similar door is found in Metroid Fusion, called Special Hatches within the game's manual. They are usually triggered when Samus enters a Navigation Room; in these cases, they are intended to keep her from leaving until she speaks to her computerized CO. Near the end of the game, the computer confines Samus in a Navigation Room using Special Hatches; only releasing her when she unintentionally calls it Adam, awakening Adam Malkovich's personality. These hatches will glow purple instead of gray when they are reactivated.

"These can only be opened by fulfilling certain conditions."

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid manualEdit

"Metal Doors can only be opened when they are flashing. You can make Metal Doors flash by defeating certain enemies."

Metroid Zero Mission manualEdit

"Meeting certain requirements is the only way to open these hatches."

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