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Metroid: Zero Mission on the Wii U Virtual Console is a short trailer for the re-release of Metroid: Zero Mission on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America. It was uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel on January 13, 2016, a day before the NA re-release. The in-game version of the Brinstar Depths theme plays throughout the trailer.

The entire trailer consists of gameplay footage displayed on a TV and Wii U GamePad, before the camera zooms into the GamePad. It begins with the Title Screen panning down to show the surface of Zebes, followed by Mother Brain's eye awakening and a sequence of other clips: Samus's Gunship entering the atmosphere of Zebes, Kraid awakening, Ridley aboard his Mother Ship, Samus landing, Metroid larvae in Tourian, Samus exiting her ship, and finally opening her eyes as the music transitions. The clips after this show a sequence of events including battles with most of the bosses. The trailer ends with Samus confronting Ridley, and the game's logo followed by the Nintendo eShop logo.

The trailer can be viewed here: [1]

European versionEdit

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Zero Mission was released on Virtual Console much earlier in Europe, and a trailer for this re-release was shared on European Nintendo YouTube channels on the same day of its release - March 12, 2015. Like the later American version, it begins with a Wii U, television screen and GamePad. The player presses the "U" of the Wii U's logo on the GamePad screen, which plays the Nintendo "commercial sound".

The trailer starts with the Title Screen (including the Europe-only option to change the language), with the Reflections Of The Past theme playing in the background. This changes to the Brinstar theme soon after. Much of the trailer consists of clips of traversal through Brinstar, with a brief shot of the battle with the Charge Beam Beast. The trailer ends with the cutscene of Mother Brain watching Samus as she descends into Norfair for the first time.

The trailer can be viewed here: [2]

On the UK channel, it is titled Metroid Zero Mission - Trailer (Wii U). On the Austrian channel, it is titled Metroid: Zero Mission - Video (Wii U).

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