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Archie Comics about around 2009 tried to pitch an idea to Nintendo to have the rights to publish comics based on the Story from the Metroid games. Unfortunately, Nintendo turned it down. I for one wished they didn't. I think a Metroid comic would be great.

—Tracy Yardley

In 2009, Archie Comics pitched a comic series based on Metroid to Nintendo, which was rejected. Concept art was drawn by Tracy Yardley, known for his work on the successful Sonic the Hedgehog comics from Archie, and released online by him in June 2016. Of note is that the artwork depicts Samus Aran and her Varia Suit as they appear in Metroid: Other M, which was at the time an upcoming game in the series. Ridley, Samus Aran's Gunship and a Metroid Prime 2: Echoes-style Space Pirate are also present in the artwork.

Some Metroid concept art done for Archie Comics about 6 or so years ago, when they were wanting to do another licensed video-game comic- they went with Mega-Man instead of Metroid, but they paid me for doing the drawings, and They were a blast to do! Would've been a fun book to work on!!

—Steven Butler

On June 1, 2017, Steven Butler, another Archie Comics artist, posted more artwork from the pitch.[1] He drew his artwork around 2010 when Archie was planning another licensed video game comic. While he was paid for his efforts, the company ultimately decided to create a Mega Man series. The artwork depicts Samus in her Power Suit and Military Dress as seen in Other M, as well as her Metroid Prime Varia Suit and Metroid: Zero Mission Zero Suit. Also pictured are Ridley and a Ghalmanian.



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