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Metroid 64 was the supposed title for a Metroid game that was to be released for the Nintendo 64. After Super Metroid, many fans were eagerly awaiting a sequel. It was supposedly slated for the Nintendo 64, but while the game was referenced several times,[1] it never entered production, because "they couldn't come out with any concrete ideas".[2]

games™ interview with Yoshio Sakamoto[]

games™: "This apprehension over 3D gaming, is that the reason there was never a Metroid 64?"

Sakamoto: "I was actually thinking about the possibility of making a Metroid game for N64 but I felt that I shouldn't be the one making the game. When I held the N64 controller in my hands I just couldn't imagine how it could be used to move Samus around. So for me it was just too early to personally make a 3D Metroid at that time. Also, I know this is isn't a direct answer to your question but Nintendo at that time approached another company and asked them if they would make an N64 version of Metroid and their response was that no, they could not. They turned it down, saying that unfortunately they didn't have the confidence to create an N64 Metroid game that could compare favourably with Super Metroid. That's something I take as a compliment to what we achieved with Super Metroid."

games™: "Can you say who that company was?"

Sakamoto: "Sorry, I cannot."


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