Samus in the commercial.

The Metroid Fusion Bio-Lab is a location shown in the American commercial for Metroid Fusion. Samus Aran can be seen here fighting several X Parasite-infected creatures, including Hornoads, thousands of Kihunters and the SA-X. Several other creatures are kept in stasis here, and small blobs, X Parasites are seen being fused into Samus' Fusion Suit after she kills the enemies. She is last seen opening her Missile hatch, which she will fire at the SA-X (it is unknown if she intends to damage it, as Missiles are ineffective against the SA-X ingame. It is likely however that she intended to fire an Ice Missile, which freezes it for about a second, long enough for Samus to escape).

There is no location named this in the game itself.


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