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The "Metroid Nest Access" is an unnamed room featured in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns.


This room is located in Area 8 of SR388, and is explored during Samus Aran's mission to exterminate the Metroids. It is located within the area's Chozo ruins, accessed through the top-left exit of the ruins entrance.

As Samus delves deeper into the derelict Chozo ruins, she first ascends a vertical shaft, with horizontal metallic platforms built into natural rock walls, forcing Samus to wind left and right as she climbs upward. In Return of Samus, these platforms have a unique twisted aesthetic seen exclusively in the architecture of the Metroid nest. In Samus Returns, the background of the vertical shaft is filled in with additional Chozo architecture, including beams, platforms, vents, and a statue. However, much like the rest of Area 8, these are overgrown with pulsating yellow and blue alien growths, as well as Metroid webs and other organic structures seen in Metroid nests, and the bottom of the shaft is flooded with yellow liquid.

In Samus Returns, the shaft has a newly-added Save Station near the top, as well as a Teleport Station underneath a floor of Screw Attack Blocks. Otherwise, the room has no significant features; in both games, the room is entirely devoid of enemy creatures, relying on the eerie music and atmosphere to convey the dangerous tone of entering the Metroid hive.

At the top of the shaft, Samus must enter her Morph Ball to enter a narrow horizontal tunnel. This Morph Ball tunnel takes her directly beneath the left half of the Queen's nest, revealing the Metroid Egg in the room above. In Return of Samus, as Samus passes beneath the egg, her Metroid Detector suddenly spikes from 1 to 9, punctuated by the game briefly freezing and the music intensifying. In Samus Returns, the Metroid count does not spike until two rooms later, just before she encounters the first Metroid larva.

In Return of Samus, this room was originally loaded as two separate rooms separated with a screen transition: the vertical shaft, followed by the Morph Ball tunnel underneath the egg chamber. In fact, the Morph Ball tunnel is actually part of the same room as the egg chamber, as well as the crystal-lined tunnels leading back to the landing site. Samus Returns reorganizes the map so that these two rooms are loaded together as a single room, separate from the egg chamber; due to the 3D graphics, the camera is able to pan upward to reveal the egg chamber as Samus passes underneath.

Connected rooms[]

In both games, the far end of the Morph Ball tunnel leads down into the Metroid nest and into the first hallway with a Metroid larva, although this single room in Return of Samus was divided into two separate rooms in Samus Returns.

Official data[]

Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide[]

"Screw Attack through the floor in front of the door to activate a Teleport Station below. Climb up to the top of the corridor and into the passage on the right.
What is that pod? Is it an egg? That does make sense. All these Metroids had to come from somewhere. Or something. A mother Metroid? there's only one Metroid left, and that egg must be it. Continue to the right."


  • In Return of Samus, this room is where Metroid Nest is replaced by the more intense remix once the Metroid Detector spikes in the Morph Ball tunnel. Samus Returns, which postpones the Metroid Radar spike, continues playing the slower and subdued Metroid Nest music throughout this room.