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Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Premiere Edition

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Premiere Edition is the official strategy guide for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is published by Prima Games, and written by David Knight.


The book is 240 pages long. The back of the front cover has artwork of Samus Aran, a PED Marine and a Space Pirate, with a transparent image of Samus in her PED Suit in the background. The introduction chapter is titled "Back in Action" and has a summary of the events four months before Corruption, as well as character bios on Samus, Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, the Bounty Hunters Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda, and Dark Samus, followed by a drawing of a Wii Remote and Nunchuk to explain the controls. The next two pages follow, and explain the HUD and map screens. It is then followed by a diagram of Samus (similar to the Samus Screen in some games) and explains all of her beginning items in the game as well as all pickups, plus all upgrades Samus will obtain in the game. These descriptions of the items will list their location as well as room. The chapter is concluded with a description of all Credits.

Each chapter for areas of the map is preceded by a map, with listings of all Logbook entries in the area, as well as items and credits. The walkthrough is structured by using headings for every room, and bordering item obtainment instructions. Page 211 shows the two bonus endings. The end of the book has numerous appendixes. Appendix A has the maps once again, Appendix B has a list of every pickup in the game, Appendix C has a list of every Logbook entry and their availability, and Appendix D has a list of all credits, as well as unlockable content. The last feature of the guide is a pullout poster of Samus in her PED Suit. The back cover has an image of Dark Samus.