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During the "month of Metroid" in August 2007, Nintendo released ten previews of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption through the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Preview, a channel that was available to download for free from the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel. Two trailers were released about every three days, with the first two released on August 10. When the two previews were released, one featured gameplay while the other revealed a bit of Corruption's plot, occasionally including footage that was not included in the final product in these videos. The channel also included a screen with an image of Samus underneath that could be "cleared away" with the Wii Remote. Two such images could be seen. The Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel is no longer fully operable or available for download, and can not be placed on a console that has not previously downloaded it while it was available.


The first two previews were released on August 10. The first preview showed Samus Aran's Gunship, voice acting from a Galactic Federation marine, minor plot details, short footage of the new bounty hunters, Dark Samus, Ridley, and various spacecraft and Space Pirates. A unique, orchestrated theme plays in this trailer. The second preview featured footage of Samus fighting Space Pirates.

The next two previews were released on August 13. The first preview revealed the Aurora Unit. The second preview featured footage of the Spider Ball.

The next two previews were released on August 16. The first preview revealed the Phazon Enhancement Device. The second preview featured more footage of Samus battling Space Pirates.

The next two previews were released on August 20. The first preview revealed the Valhalla, a Galactic Federation ship that had its Aurora Unit 313 stolen by supposed Space Pirates. The second preview revealed "Bowling" gameplay, where Samus was in her Morph Ball form charging up a cannon which shot her to another side of the map.

The last two previews were released on August 23. The first trailer revealed Dark Samus and the army she now controls. The second preview featured Samus battling Space Pirates.

Using it now after December 2007 displays the message "Channel has expired", along with some smaller messages. A "Wii Menu" button beneath it will simply take one back to the Wii Menu.


First preview Trailer
Second preview Bridge Battle Gameplay
Third preview Aurora Unit Trailer
Fourth preview Spider Ball Gameplay
Fifth preview Phazon Enhancement Device Trailer
Sixth preview Air Assault Gameplay
Seventh preview Valhalla Trailer
Eighth preview Bowling Gameplay
Ninth preview Dark Samus Trailer
Tenth preview Mine Battle Gameplay


  • Near the end of the Aurora Unit trailer, the Silence theme can be heard.
  • Because this channel uses a similar Wii Menu screen to the game (with "Preview" and flame effects on the background) , it is called "Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Preview" on the channel, but Metroid Prime Preview on the save files and Wii Shop Channel.