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Metroid Prime 4 - First Look

Metroid Prime 4 - First Look is the reveal trailer for Metroid Prime 4. It was shown during the Nintendo Spotlight at E3 2017 and revealed that the game was in development for Nintendo Switch. The 42 second trailer depicts the background of space, and gradually forms the Screw Attack S symbol out of space dust. Once it is fully formed, the Metroid Prime Theme begins playing, and the number 4 appears onscreen, enveloped in blue flames. The flames stop burning, and the 4 moves to the right side of the screen while Metroid Prime is displayed. Underneath, text states that Metroid Prime 4 is "now in development for Nintendo Switch." On the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, the trailer is titled Metroid Prime 4 - E3 2017 Announcement Trailer.

The regional versions of the teaser reveal the respective ESRB and PEGI ratings as RP (Rating Pending) and 12+, although the latter is stated to be "Provisional" directly under the rating logo.

The US version of the trailer can be viewed here: [1]. The UK version can be viewed here: [2].