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This article is about the theme from Metroid Prime's second phase. For the theme from the first phase, see VS. Metroid Prime (Spider).

Metroid Prime Battle is the theme heard when fighting Metroid Prime's core essence form in the game of the same name. In the Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks, this theme is titled VS. Metroid Prime (Head) (VS.メトロイドプライム(ヘッド)?).

The music contains the signature bubbling sound effect associated with Phazon themes, mixed into a chaotic cacophony of percussion and electronic sounds. Most notably, the melody contains the main theme of the Metroid franchise.

The theme appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc, used for the actual game's trailer.

The theme was remixed in Metroid Prime Pinball for the same boss. This version is shorter and uses lower quality instruments to compensate for the Nintendo DS's lower hardware. This results in a melody that is more clearly heard through the chaotic harmonies.

The theme was arranged by Lawrence Schwedler for Gorea's second form in Metroid Prime Hunters, with bars from the theme being heard just as Gorea transforms into its ultimate form beforehand in a slightly lower pitch. This version is also used as the theme of the Oubliette stage in Multiplayer Mode. It has a somewhat more electronic instrumentation, like the rest of Hunters' soundtrack. In the internal "BGMSELECTLIST.DAT" file, it is titled Gorea Returns. Upon defeating Gorea, it is available in the Music Test as track 34.

The theme from Prime can be heard here: [1], the theme from Pinball here: [2] and the theme from Hunters here: [3].


  • In the original NTSC GCN release of Metroid Prime, the player has to let the cutscene where the creature's core essence emerges play in full, or else the Metroid Prime Battle theme will be muted throughout the entire second phase.
  • Matt Manchester said this was his favorite track from Prime.[1]


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