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Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies 2002 catalog

Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies catalog (Winter 2002).

The Metroid Prime Hat is a baseball cap offered by Nintendo Power through their winter 2002 Super Power Supplies catalog, alongside a Leather Cuff and similar items promoting Star Fox Adventures and Super Mario Sunshine. The front of the hat includes the Metroid Prime game logo in embroidery, with the Nintendo logo on the back of the hat. It was available through the catalog for $15. Its catalog number was #300227.

Catalog descriptionEdit

"Sure, you know you'll look cool in this hat, but didja know you'll also feel cool? You will, thanks to the brushed cotton construction. The Metroid Prime logo is prominently embroidered on the front, with the Nintendo racetrack logo embroidered on the flip side. Adjusts to fit any size."

Item #300227 $15.00

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