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Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's Guide is the official strategy guide for Metroid Prime Hunters by Nintendo Power.[1][2][3] It features a full walkthrough of the game including expansion locations, maps and strategies for the game's Multiplayer Mode. According to Amazon, it was published on March 13, 2006.

Notably, there is an error in Sylux's description which says that he turns invisible when equipped with the Imperialist. This is a mistake, as this only happens to Trace. There is also an error on page 92: the "Strategies" section for multiplayer matches on Sanctorus contains tactics usable by Sylux. However, Samus Aran's head is displayed next to his name.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Samus page.

"The only official guide from the insiders at Nintendo! HUNT OR BE HUNTED With rival hunters converging, you’ve got to be on top of your game. The Official Metroid Prime Hunters Player’s Guide will help you dominate the competition. GUIDE FEATURES: Full Walk-through Leaving no mission incomplete and no power-up undiscovered, we’re with you to the glorious end. Comprehensive Maps Complete walk-through maps and a pullout poster revealing the location of every important item. Multiplayer Strategies Arena maps and advice on how you can always be the last hunter standing. DETAILED MAPS AND STRATEGIES FOR EVERY MISSION TIPS FOR HUNTER SELECTION IN MULTIPLAYER MELEES AN ITEMIZED LIST OF LOGBOOK SCAN LOCATIONS COMPLETE BIOS FOR SAMUS AND ALL SIX NEW HUNTERS Complete strategy for the Nintendo DS game - Metroid Prime Hunters"[2][4]

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