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Metroid Prime Trilogy: Prima Official Game Guide is the official strategy guide for Metroid Prime Trilogy, published by Prima Games. The guide features walkthroughs, maps and item checklists for the three games in the compilation.

Back cover[]

Trilogy Walkthrough[]

"Don't just settle for one Prime guide — get all three! Our walkthroughs for Metroid Prime 13 have been carefully crafted to lead you step by step through Samus Aran's most challenging adventures. Solve every puzzle and annihilate every foe as you follow along, claiming suit upgrades and weapon expansions at the most convenient times!"

Labeled Maps[]

"In addition to our walkthroughs, there are enhanced 3-D maps of every world Samus explores throughout the epic Metroid Prime: Trilogy. Use them to identify upcoming goodies or quickly track down something vital. Each map is fully labeled with all items of interest, using numbered icons that correspond to the walkthrough and checklists."

Checklists and Extras[]

"With well over 300 upgrades, expansions, and log entries for you to accumulate in Metroid Prime: Trilogy, you'll find loads of quick-reference checklists kept in one convenient place at the back of the guide. You'll never miss a thing!"


Some Amazon reviewers have been critical of the guide's "compressed" prose, lack of organization, poor maps and for seemingly borrowing text verbatim from previous guides for the games. Some of the information has not been changed either to reflect the Wii version of the game, such as certain Lore that has been moved.[1]


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