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Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a video game strategy guide published by Prima Games. It covers both Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion, and is the only such printed guide. It was written by David Cassady.


MP1 Fusion Prima

The section of the guide on Prime has information on power-ups and shows original descriptions on each enemy both at the time of their encounter and toward the end of the Prime half, as well as hand-drawn maps. Next is a checklist of all Logbook entries and items, with short descriptions. The final feature of the Prime section is a list of all extras in the game and how to unlock them: the endings, Hard Mode, the Image Galleries, Metroid and the Fusion Suit.

The section of the guide on Fusion is printed on purple paper to distinguish it easily from the Prime section. At the beginning, there is a description on each item, and then on the various breakable blocks, before it starts off into the walkthrough itself. Like the previous section, there are hand-drawn maps as well as transcripts of all the dialogue in the game, either spoken by Samus Aran or Adam.

While the Fusion section of the guide is accepted as an official source providing names for creatures such as Nettori and Yakuza, it should also be noted that it contains a number of factual errors, and therefore information should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, the guide refers to the Geruta as "Skree"; Genesis as "Alcoon"; Chozo Statue as "Elephant Bird"; Zeela as "Bull"; Reo as "Dessgeega", while the actual Dessgeega is referred to as "rocket-powered Side Hopper"; Sova as "Mella"; Geemer as "Zero"; Aqua Zebesian as "Kihunter"; and Yameba as "Metroids". It also provides some generic names, such as Zazabi as "Giant Plant"; the Barrier Core-X as just "Core-X"; the scientist as "Beam Core-X"; Neo-Ridley as just "Ridley"; and Yameba as "X-clusters". It also refers to the SA-X with male pronouns; in-game it is not assigned a gender, but could be considered female since it originated from Samus. The Nightmare's room is called an electronic junkyard.

Unused speciesEdit

Notably, the Prime half of the guide contains numerous artwork of unused creatures not found on or the Prime Concept Gallery. The galleries include, but are not limited to artwork of Skrees, suggesting that they were intended to be added at one point rather than Shriekbats, and of what may be a cybernetic Puddle Spore. Also featured are two Sentry Drone-like mechanisms, one of which has the capability of folding itself and the other has insect wings and a green color scheme.