The Metroid Suit is Samus Aran's final Suit upgrade in Metroid Dread. Unlike other suit upgrades, which are power-ups she acquires, the Metroid Suit is the result of the DNA transplant Samus received from her vaccine, fully awakening and turning her into a human Metroid.


Visually, the suit strongly resembles a Metroid and is much more organic than any of her previous suits. Samus's fingers become sharp and clawed, and the barrel of her Arm Cannon ends in four teeth, resembling Metroid mandibles. Her suit takes on a green and red color scheme similar to that of a Metroid's membrane and nuclei, with the edges of her helmet, thighs and shoulder pads sharpening. The lines that run down the suit now resemble cracks in molten rock.


Throughout her battles on ZDR, the Metroid DNA in Samus's body begins to awaken, allowing her to absorb energy from other life forms through physical contact. Raven Beak sought to use the E.M.M.I. to extract this DNA, intending to use it to revive the Metroid species and use them to take over the galaxy.

During their final confrontation, Raven Beak reveals that Samus was able to keep her Metroid powers at bay because the Chozo DNA she received as a child came from the Thoha tribe, the only ones who can control the Metroids. However, she had also received Mawkin DNA, which granted her physical prowess. Her earlier encounter with Raven Beak initiated her true Metroid powers surfacing, as the creatures were created to respond violently to Mawkin Chozo. Raven Beak chose to spare Samus after their first encounter to allow her to become the most powerful Metroid that ever existed, something that could only be achieved by subjecting her to countless battles. Once she achieved this, he intended to clone Samus and create an army to conquer the galaxy.

Despite putting up a fight, Samus is ultimately overwhelmed, but when things seem dire, her Metroid powers fully awaken. Her suit assumes a green-and-red organic appearance as she drains the energy of Raven Beak and Itorash, causing the fortress to crash into Hanubia. Surviving the crash, but greatly wounded, Raven Beak is suddenly taken over by a purple X and violently transformed into a hulking monstrosity called Raven Beak X. Samus uses the Hyper Beam - also given to her in her rage - to eradicate both Raven Beak and the X.

As ZDR begins to self destruct, Samus returns to her ship on the surface, but is stopped from activating it by ADAM. He warns her that she would risk draining the ship's energy, dooming her. Fortunately, Quiet Robe, infected by an X but still retaining his benevolent nature, appears and allows Samus to absorb him. His Thoha DNA stabilizes her Metroid DNA, causing the Metroid Suit to revert to the Gravity Suit and suppressing Samus's energy draining power. She safely flies off of ZDR before it explodes.

Samus Screen[]

Metroid Suit
“The Metroid DNA inside Samus has surged completely out of control and transformed her into an organism that is essentially a Metroid.”


  • Although Raven Beak, as the donor of Samus's Mawkin genes, acted as the catalyst for Samus gaining this suit via their first and last encounters, he implies just before their final battle that Samus would have acquired the suit immediately after receiving her Metroid vaccine, and that her Thoha blood was the only reason she did not.[1]
  • Owing to the origins of the suit, the suit has a passing resemblance to Dark Samus, herself a Metroid-based copy of Samus.
  • In the Metroid Suit, Samus is unable to use her Aeion abilities.
  • The Metroid Suit allows Samus to instantly kill any enemy even at the slightest touch while escaping ZDR.


Notes and references[]

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    ADAM (Raven Beak): It appears your Metroid DNA has caused you to become a Metroid. Ordinarily this would have occurred immediately after the transplant. Your Thoha genes must have slowed down the process. They were the only tribe capable of controlling the Metroids. Though you possess their DNA, you are not a Thoha. Your physical prowess suggests you must also possess Mawkin DNA.