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Two dissected Tallon Metroids, which have been stripped of their membranes.

Metroid dissection refers to the process of disassembling a Metroid of any kind, be it a stage in the natural life cycle or a mutation, to view the internal structure or determine their mechanics.

The Pirate Data in Metroid Prime was the first instance in which Metroid dissection was implied. The entry "Metroid Morphology" indicates that the Space Pirates had attempted to dissect one of their Tallon Metroids to discover the manner in which the Metroid drains the life force from its victim, but failed, although they managed to isolate the energy conduits that ran from the Metroid's mandibles to the core nuclei.

Machine dissected Tallon Metroids can be seen in the Metroid Processing room on the Pirate Homeworld. Whether or not one of these was the initial experiment from Prime is unknown. There is also a Dark Tallon Metroid that can be seen split into four pieces connected by strings. Scanning it states that the Pirates have discovered the Metroid's morphological anomaly: if not in the natural environment of SR388, the Metroid will mutate depending on the planet which it is on and be unable to evolve into the Alpha Metroid stage. Unused design notes from Matt Manchester also mention that the Pirates had been attempting to recreate a Dark Metroid without the need for Ing possession, but all attempts have met with utter failure.

Official dataEdit

Pirate Data - Metroid MorphologyEdit

Metroid Morphology

Metroid Prime

Logbook entry

Log 11.420.7
Metroid dissection continues to produce more questions than answers. Our research teams have isolated the energy conduits that run from the invasive twin mandibles to the energy core in the creature's quadripartite nucleus, but the manner in which the Metroid actually extracts the life force from its pray remains an utter mystery. The victim does not lose blood or any other vital fluids, and yet the Metroid extracts energy; identifying this energy is our central problem. It takes no physical form, and yet without it, the victim dies. We will continue to research this matter, as the isolation of this life-giving essence could be the key to our ascendance.

Metroid Processing scansEdit

Tallon Metroid 1
"Data decoded. All research into the subject's energy-draining abilities have yielded inconclusive results."
Tallon Metroid 2
"Data decoded. Our Homeworld's atmosphere has resulted in various unique physiological mutations."
Dark Tallon Metroid
"Observations on Metroids native to different planets display subtle variations in biological processes."

Unused design notesEdit


"Metroids exposed to the Dark Aetherian atmosphere displayed significant changes to their physiology and behaviorial patterns. Exposure resulted in altered cutaneous pigmentation, solidified carapace with superficial dermal striation, emergence of multiple luminescent ocular organs, and two additional cuspidate teeth. Advanced physical durability was observed, as well as more instinctual and aggresive behavioral tendencies. Subsequently nocturnal, Dark Metroid developed a fatally acute sensitivity to solar light. All attempts to recreate this atmospheric transformation have met with utter failure. Test specimens yield a 100% mortality rate. Experiments rarely live more than a few hours after artificial transformation is achieved. Of these rare instances, specimens require complete artificial sustainment. No sentient behavior has been observed in any instances. Failure attributed to unknown variables."


"Side by side observation of Metroids native to different planets show subtle variations in dietary cycles, energy consumption abilities, and aggressive tendencies. Theoritical analysis suggests that the Metroid's environmental versatility is due in part to it's adaptness to survive in differing atmospheric conditions, marked changes in gravitational influence, and varying levels of gamma type radiation. Specimens native to SR-388 still display most consistent growth and energy consumption maturation."