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Samus manifests her Metroid powers.

Samus Aran's Metroid powers are a latent ability she develops during Metroid Dread, allowing her to siphon life energy from targets like a Metroid. Although she only begins to use them in Dread, they have been developing within her ever since the Metroid DNA transplant she received at the start of Metroid Fusion.


The Metroids were a species genetically engineered by the Thoha Chozo to eradicate the X Parasites on SR388, which they considered a significant threat to galactic stability. The creatures had the ability to siphon the energy of a bioform, reducing them to a brittle husk. While the Thoha knew how to control the Metroids, they engineered them to treat Mawkin Chozo as hostile.

Although the Metroids succeeded in controlling the X's population, they evolved past their larval stage and began to turn on their creators. With the Mawkin's help, the Thoha contained the Metroids in the depths of SR388, and they proposed destroying the planet to eliminate them. However, the Mawkin, led by Raven Beak, sought to use the Metroids to conquer the galaxy; to this end, they slaughtered all but one Thoha, Quiet Robe. The Mawkin and Quiet Robe left SR388 afterwards, leaving the Metroids to eventually be discovered by the Galactic Federation.

As a child, Samus Aran was rescued from K-2L by the Chozo of Zebes, who raised her there and infused her with their DNA to give her enhanced physical capabilities. Unbeknownst to her, she received donations from both a Thoha and Mawkin Chozo; the latter granted her an innate talent for combat while cancelling out the former's pacifying effect on Metroids.

After many battles with the Metroids and those who would seek to exploit them, Samus visited SR388 and eradicated the species, save for a single infant. DNA from this Metroid was later transplanted into Samus through a vaccine in order to save her life after she was infected by an X Parasite upon returning to SR388. At the time, the only apparent side effect from the vaccine was that she inherited the creature's immunity to the X, the ability to copy abilities from certain X-infected creatures, and weakness to extreme cold. However, the DNA infusion caused Samus to slowly transform into a Metroid-human hybrid, although it would only become apparent during her mission to ZDR.

During Dread[]

Shortly after landing on ZDR and descending into the depths of Artaria, Samus encounters Raven Beak and is defeated by him in battle. She appears to reach for his face while he holds her by her neck; suddenly, a purple energy courses through her body before she loses consciousness. Speaking to ADAM afterwards, he notes "dramatic physical changes" in her but is unable to identify the source.

The powers flare up in Ferenia.

Later, while traveling through Ferenia's E.M.M.I. Zone, Samus comes across a mural depicting Raven Beak and the Mawkin tribe's slaughter of the Thoha. Angered by the images before her, her left hand surges with the same purple energy, although she doesn't appear to notice this before being ambushed by E.M.M.I.-06WB.

Shortly after arriving in Hanubia, Samus's strange new powers flare up when she is attacked by a Takumaku; after deflecting the beast's charge with a Melee Counter, she instinctively moves to grab it with her glowing left hand. Confused and disturbed, Samus ignores the reflex and instead finishes the creature with a beam shot, unaware that she is being monitored by Raven Beak.

Samus defends herself from E.M.M.I.-07PB.

Not long after the incident with the Takumaku, Samus is attacked by E.M.M.I.-07PB; once again, she deflects its attack and her powers flare up. Distracted by this occurrence, Samus is left open for the E.M.M.I. to pin her down and move for the kill; in desperation, she grabs its needle with her left hand. On contact, her hand begins rapidly draining the robot's energy, indirectly destroying the Central Unit elsewhere in the E.M.M.I. Zone.

After throwing off the inactive E.M.M.I., Samus battles a Chozo Soldier and finishes it off by siphoning its energy; the next time she interfaces with who she thinks is ADAM in a Network Station, he informs her that her new power is a result of her Metroid DNA fully awakening. Encouraging Samus to "fulfill [her] destiny", he directs her to Itorash, claiming that her Metroid powers are the key to defeating Raven Beak. On her way to Itorash, Samus destroys an Elite Chozo Soldier by draining it with her Metroid abilities.

Aboard Itorash, what appears to be ADAM explains that Samus has not just manifested Metroid powers; she has become a Metroid entirely, suggesting that this would have happened immediately after her DNA transplant. He speculates that the process was slowed by Samus's Thoha DNA suppressing the introduced Metroid DNA, and that her encounter with Raven Beak, a Mawkin, spurred her metamorphosis[1]. It then becomes clear that "ADAM" was actually Raven Beak all along; he reveals that he spared Samus after their first battle in the hope that her Metroid powers would be fully awakened through her battles across ZDR. Now that they have, he orders Samus to join him and use her powers to support his plan, but she refuses and engages him in battle.

Samus attempts to leech Raven Beak's energy.

After a lengthy battle, Samus attempts to finish Raven Beak with her Metroid powers, but the evil Chozo deflects her attack and grabs her by the neck. As he slowly strangles her to death, he reveals his new plan: creating an army by cloning the most powerful Metroid of all: Samus herself. Samus makes repeated attempts to grab Raven Beak's face and drain his energy, but is unable to before losing consciousness, seemingly defeated entirely.

Suddenly, Samus's Metroid powers go into overdrive, causing her to awaken as her suit turns into a Metroid-like armor. Fueled by rage and the Metroid's predatory instincts, she overpowers Raven Beak, destroying his helmet and beginning to drain his energy. Her powers spread to all of Itorash, causing the fortress to crash onto the surface of ZDR.

After recovering from the crash, Samus uses the energy she absorbed to eradicate Raven Beak and the X that infected him, causing the planet to begin self-destructing. She races back to her Gunship, using her Metroid powers to quickly and efficiently eliminate any obstacles and enemies in her path; however, the real ADAM stops her from piloting her ship, since doing so would risk draining its energy and stranding her on the imploding planet. Fortunately, the X-mimic of Quiet Robe appears behind her and allows Samus to absorb his X. The absorption from the Thoha Chozo stabilizes Samus's DNA, neutralizing her Metroid powers and allowing her to fly her ship off the planet.

Whether Samus has now lost her Metroid powers or gained control of them is currently unknown, but likely to be revealed in the next game.


Samus absorbs the infected Elite Chozo Soldier.

Samus is not able to use her Metroid powers as an attack in gameplay; instead, they are strictly used in cutscenes. After destroying E.M.M.I.-07PB, she uses her powers during Finish Counters of the two Chozo Soldiers fought in Hanubia; after deflecting their spear attacks, she grabs their heads and slams them onto the floor as her left hand visibly glows. She then siphons their energy until they disintegrate, leaving the soldier helplessly clawing at the ground. Once their energy has been fully drained, Samus examines her hand before clenching and pumping it.

Performing a Finish Counter with Samus's Metroid powers fully restores her energy, Missile and Power Bomb Ammo.


  • Samus's Metroid powers seem to activate when she grabs her target by the head, similar to how larval Metroids feed. Additionally, her fingers often twitch into a claw-like pose when her powers activate, evoking the mandibles Metroids use to feed.
  • Samus's powers flaring up when she saw the mural of Raven Beak was most likely a subconscious reaction to Mawkin Chozo, albeit in hieroglyphic form.
  • During cutscenes in Dread, Samus absorbs power-ups from objects such as the Item Cubes, the E.M.M.I., and the Central Units by touching them with her hand. This serves as foreshadowing towards her Metroid powers, since they first manifest in her hand.
    • The Metroid powers are further foreshadowed at the end of the intro cutscene, where Samus notably examines her left hand after awakening. This is further reinforced by the Samus Monologue on the Japanese Metroid Dread website, where she around this time specifically ponders the sensation in her hand.[2][3]
  • Raven Beak's comment that Samus is the most powerful Metroid of all is proven by the fact that she was able to drain an E.M.M.I., a Central Unit, and an entire floating fortress of its life energy, and almost drained her Gunship as well. Regular Metroids were not known to be able to steal life energy from non-organic mechanisms, although they could drain human-piloted Mechs in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Moreover, Samus was able to drain Itorash and the Central Unit without even making direct contact with either, an ability unseen in normal Metroids.
  • Samus's Metroid powers are represented by a pink-purple aura, similar to the color used for her Energy Tanks and the basic Energy Capsule pickups.
  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the Grapple Voltage granted Samus the ability to drain or give energy to objects and creatures similar to Metroid's energy-siphoning abilities.



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