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The middle corridor[1], also known as the middle passage[1] is a room in Ridley's Lair/Ridley. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this room runs through center of Ridley's Lair and contains a Missile Tank. In the original Metroid, this room is divided in half by a wall. The floor is filled with lava, and the room can be crossed using multiple platforms above the lava. The right side, which is constructed from purple block tiles, is a dead end with nothing but a group of enemies, although Samus can replenish her energy and Missile Ammo using the Geegas that spawn from multiple Air Holes.

Entered from the left side with a difficult jump, the left half of the room is comprised of red and metal blocks, with teeth-like spikes lining part of the ceiling. This half is also infested with enemies, but also has a Missile Tank on a pedestal in plain sight.

The room's appearance is changed in Zero Mission, and it no longer has the wall diving the room in half. It is now entirely constructed from dark pink and purple Chozo architecture, while retaining the large number of Air Holes and enemies, this time reduced to only Dessgeegas. There are now three drops in the room, above which are destructible floors. The rightmost floor is a trap, and falling into it causes Samus to fall through Pit Blocks into a Zebbo Nest below. The second floor is positioned above a small pool of lava, should Samus fall into it she can jump to a ledge to the right, roll underneath a row of pink tiles and use a Bomb to expose a hidden shaft through a fake Air Hole. The third floor guards another lava pool, but also a Missile Tank. (see below)

Connecting rooms[]



Zero Mission[]

  • 4 Dessgeegas
  • 6 Air Holes spawning Geegas


The Missile Tank in Zero Mission.

Missile Tank
In Metroid, Samus must enter the room from the left.
In Zero Mission, Samus can find the tank through the drop before the exit door. Above the lava is a ledge, which Samus can climb onto to roll into a tunnel. Under the floor here is another pit of lava, which turns out to be fake. Samus must fall into this pit and shoot the bottom of the wall. The tank is found here.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

163 A WHOLE LOT OF HOLES (pg. 65)
"Venturing to the left through the middle corridor, you'll find that the bridges over the large gaps break if you fire at them. After you drop into either of the first two holes, you'll land in a passage that returns you to the shaft on the right."
165 missile tank (pg. 65)
"Drop into the last gap of the middle passage and grab a ledge. Roll right and blast into a fake lava pit. Destroy the block in the pit's lower-right corner to expose a tank, then exit the area by way of a pipe."