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Miguel Luis Garcia (ミゲル · ルイス · ガルシア Migeru Ruisu Garushia?) is part of the Combat Team of Bravo Team in Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether. He is one of two Federation Marines in said group. Judging by his name, he seems to be of Hispanic origin.

One of four survivors from the Splinter attack (in the game from which the manga is based, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, there are no survivors), Miguel emerged with the other three survivors of the team after Samus killed a Dark Alpha Splinter, and welcomed her to "hell". Introducing himself to Samus, he states that he has to protect himself, and that "the weak die". Miguel also seems to believe in a false rumor that Samus has no emotions, and states that he can live longer with Samus than he can with the rest of the survivors, and follows after her when she is going to the Generator Room to restore power.

After Samus kills several Dark Troopers, and it is proven that once they were affected by the black fog then they could not be saved, he states that she "at least showed them some mercy." Miguel is then seen fleeing with the rest of his group from a dimensional rift and more black fog. He is one of the "guardians of the light" summoned by U-Mos to save the Luminoth, though he shows no interest in doing so. Next, he scolds Klaus Schneider for letting Samus go to the Agon Temple alone, and takes Jeff McCloud and Lily Thran with him to follow after her. Later, his arm is burned by an acid from a Sandigger while attempting to ward off a swarm of them, until he and the other rogues are saved by their lieutenant, and they finish the swarm off with grenades. Miguel then offers a handshake when the Bomb Guardian attacks, although they are seconds later saved by Samus.

In the final battle, Miguel is mortally wounded by large parasitic creatures. Samus comforts him in his dying moments.


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  • Miguel suffering acid burns to his arm is similar to Corporal Hicks in the film Aliens, who suffers burns to half of his face and chest.