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"Multiple mutations will cause a Metroid to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary."

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Mike Sneath was a modeler at Retro Studios. He created the original Varia Suit model for Metroid Prime, before Gene Kohler joined the project and was asked to reskin the model. He was later asked to completely remake it. Sneath was previously involved with "another of Retro's mysterious fledgling projects", but was vague due to the lack of details surrounding it. He stated the project was not Thunder Rally, NFL Retro Football or Raven Blade, meaning it was most likely Metaforce.

Other 3-D models of his include the Parasite Queen, Flaahgra, Thardus, Omega Ridley, and Meta Ridley, and both the exoskeleton and core essence of Metroid Prime.[1]

Following the completion of Prime, Sneath left for Edge of Reality with LeRoy Strauss. He is currently an environment artist at WB Games San Francisco.

Sneath was interviewed by Shinesparkers in 2010 regarding his work on Prime.

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