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This article is about the creature in the prequel manga. For the creature in Metroid Fusion, see fake tank.
Adam, the Mimic is a banned biological weapon. I expect 3500 seguru for taking care of this.

Samus Aran


The Mimic (ミミキュリア Mimikyuria?) is a creature in Metroid: Volume 2. It is a banned bioweapon that was once used by the Space Pirates in order to assassinate Chairman Keaton during his election ceremony.

The Mimic appears to be capable of changing its shape (to an unknown degree) and used in assassination attempts where it would get as close to its target as possible before morphing into what is believed to be its true form. During Keaton's ceremony, it took on the form of a bouquet of flowers being delivered by an unknowing Damara, but when it was found out that it had been discovered by Pyonchi, it transformed into a giant organism with large claws with a large, armored, multi-limbed form.

Though fearsome looking, it was taken down rather quickly by Samus, which may imply that the creature is not very strong and that its mission had been a suicidal one. Also, based upon what Samus said, there may be more than one Mimic (though no others are ever seen).

The Mimic appeared to have some degree of sentience, as it was capable of speech. ("Orders... kill... kill... Keaton...")

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