The Mine Lift is a room in the Pirate Mines area of the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The room itself is a deep metal shaft. It contains two Boost Ball Spinners that control two clamps which hold the lift in place. Below the lift is a drop shaft which has two Wall Jump Surfaces to get back up. Entrance to the room is blocked by a gate that can be removed with the Grapple Lasso. Small Phazon growths can be seen dotted around the room. After Samus has used the Spinners, the Lift previously used as the floor of the room falls to the bottom of the shaft "with all its passengers".

Connecting rooms[]



Samus uses a Spinner in Mine Lift.

"Fixture has weakened over time and could probably be ripped apart if pulled with enough force."
"Enclosed lift is used by Space Pirates to move between levels of the complex."
Lift (crashed)
"Lift has crashed to the bottom of the shaft with all its passengers. Unit is no longer operational."
Security clamps
"Security clamps hold the lift in place when it has come to a stop. Manual override controls nearby."
"The time has come, our leader commands. We go to war at last!
Three worlds will be attacked, each important to the Federation. We shall destroy the spy base at Elysia, the fuel production of Bryyo, and the naval station at Norion. Each of those wretched worlds will become as Phaaze...each a foothold into the territory of the hated Federation. From those worlds, our vanguard will go forth. At long last, our enemies will be humbled, then enslaved.
Three Phazon Seeds will be sent, and an armada will accompany each of them. Dark Samus herself will lead the attack on Norion. Victory is ours for the taking!"


This room is notorious for its potential game-ending glitch. If one of the Spinners is activated and Samus leaves the room, both Spinners will be unusable. If this happens and the game is saved the game can not be continued. However, this appears to have been fixed in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the game.