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Minerals, or unknown material are a species of chemical compound only known to exist on Excelcion. They appear as blue crystals in canisters.

The Pirates mine the minerals from an abandoned Federation mining outpost, which they have reactivated and dug deeper. General Alex Miles states that they are removing an "unknown material", confirming that this is not what the Galactic Federation originally mined.

The Federation Force is tasked with recovering a Cargo Tram carrying these minerals during M15: Mother Lode (Metroid Prime: Federation Force). They are able to secure the minerals and destroy the mines, before handing the minerals over to the Federation research team. They determine that on their own, the minerals are not remarkable. However, when combined with a Liquid Resource, also recovered from Excelcion, the minerals produce a massive pair of energy. This energy is used by the Space Pirates to power their Transfer Devices across all three planets in the Bermuda System, which conceal the Doomseye.

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