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"Mini-Kraid's room" is a room in Kraid's Lair/Kraid. It appears in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. In the former game, it is the location of Mini-Kraid, who is absent from Zero Mission. Another version of this room appears in Super Metroid, where it is part of Brinstar.



In the original Metroid, this room is actually comprised of two rooms, each constructed from green blocks and other tiles resembling fencing. The first is a small, square room with a pillar and a raised ledge with the exit, and is entered through a hidden "drain" above. A single Sidehopper can be found here. Through the door is a longer corridor with three pillars installed in the floor, four Air Holes embedded in the floor (which spawn Geegas) and a small pool of acid near the exit which also spawns infinite Geegas, two at a time. Mini-Kraid is found in this portion of the room as a regular enemy. When killed, nothing happens, leading many first-time players of Metroid in 1986 to believe they had killed the real Kraid. Visiting this room is not required to reach Kraid and is one of many paths Samus can take to reach him.

Zero Mission[]

In the remake Metroid: Zero Mission, the room's appearance has been significantly changed and Mini-Kraid has been removed. It is now a larger, single chamber that connects to multiple other rooms and consists of purple architecture, with large cacti and ruins visible in the background. The drain drops Samus into a short shaft that is blocked off by an impenetrable Chozo Block with the Space Jump's symbol on it. Samus can lay a Bomb in the floor directly beside it to drop through a short tunnel and Pit Block into the rest of the room.

The bottom floor is a small corridor with the middle of the floor raised. On either side of it is an Air Hole that spawns two Geegas at once. Numerous Zeelas are also found in the room, crawling along the walls and ceiling. A door on the right leads into an Unknown Item's chamber, but another Chozo Block in that room prevents Samus from accessing it that way. A midair platform directly in front of this door allows Samus access to a Morph Ball tunnel in the ceiling, which is obstructed by a Fake Block to the right and another Chozo Block directly above the raised floor, with two Missile Blocks underneath that. Samus can shoot the Fake Block and roll through the tunnel into the Unknown Item chamber to collect the item and render the Chozo Blocks destructible. After this, she can remove the Chozo Block in the tunnel of this room and follow it along to reach the "cactus path", which leads deeper into Kraid.

Super Metroid[]

In Super Metroid, with Kraid's Lair being located in a different section of Brinstar, Mini-Kraid's new quarters are technically a separate room from the one previously featured in Metroid and Zero Mission. However, it is very similar to its appearance in Metroid, albeit with the addition of a red background, some metal construction near the end and a slightly lowered ceiling in the middle. The pillars, Air Holes and acid are absent. This lowered ceiling features two magenta-colored orbs that are positioned to resemble eyes, and four sets of curved spikes on its underside (twelve total) positioned to resemble teeth. These teeth spikes can harm Samus if she touches them, such as while jumping. The face is similar to that found in "Kraid's room access" in the original Metroid.

When Samus enters this room for the first time, tense music begins playing and the doors lock. She is confronted by three Green Zebesians, and as she moves past them small spikes will begin to fly towards her. As she continues, she will come across Mini-Kraid. Defeating the creature unlocks the doors and allows her to continue. On return visits, the Silence theme plays and Mini-Kraid respawns, but the doors remain unlocked.

Connecting rooms[]


Zero Mission[]

Super Metroid[]



Zero Mission[]

  • 5 Zeelas
  • Geegas spawned 1 at a time from 2 Air Holes)

Super Metroid[]

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

The upper half of the room in Zero Mission.

088 DROP AND ROLL (pg. 47)
"When you reach a large block that is marked with Chozo etchings, plant a bomb to break into another tight passage. Then run to the right and stop at the blue hatcg. Jump to the ledge nearby, fire straight up to break through a series of blocks, then fire up and to the right to open a narrow passage in the upper right corner.
"With the unknown item activated, return to the corridor to the left, stand between the pipes and use missiles to clear the way to the tunnel in the ceiling. Climb into the tunnel and roll left, then jump up to a hatch on the right."
"Near the area's left edge, fire on the large Chozo Block, then run to the right, through the corridor."


  • In Victory Techniques for Metroid, Samus is able to walk through the pillars in this room, while in Metroid they are solid.[1]
  • In The Shape of Happiness, Samus encounters Mini-Kraid in an elevator, and shoots him dead only to discover he was not the real Kraid. Out of laziness, Samus plants a note on Mini-Kraid's body saying he is the real Kraid, and considers him defeated.



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