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Mini Boss Confrontation BGM (Spore Spawn, Botwoon) (小ボス対決BGM (スポアスポーン,ボツーン)?)[1] is a boss theme in Super Metroid. As its name implies, it is heard during the battles against Spore Spawn and Botwoon. It was composed Minako Hamano.

This theme has a simple yet eerie six-note pattern played using a piano, which the notes are: F#, E, D, C, C#, D. A tribal drumbeat frequently accompanies the piano, evoking the jungle atmosphere of the Spore Spawn battle. Occasionally, a dissonant melody is played slowly on strings. Overall, its composition is simple and minimalistic, yet manages to be tense and unsettling.

The Nettori battle theme in Metroid Fusion, called VS. Chozo Statue First Form in that game's soundtrack, somewhat stylistically resembles the Mini Boss Confrontation BGM theme. The boss theme for Kiru Giru and Imago in Metroid: Zero Mission is very similar to Mini Boss Confrontation BGM, especially the variation for the ensnared Kiru Giru.

Mini Boss Confrontation BGM (Spore Spawn, Botwoon) can be heard here: [1]


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