The Minigyro Chamber is a room in the Sanctuary Fortress. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


It is a large room containing several rotating gyros in the middle. To deactivate them, Samus must use four Bomb Slots color-coded amber, cobalt, crimson and emerald. This code is showed on a scannable panel at the entrance. The color code is simple: the four gyros (amber, cobalt, crimson and emerald) need to be deactivated in alphabetical order. Upon subsequent returns to the room, three Harmony Class Drones will bomb Samus as she crosses through the morph ball track. If Samus uses her Charge Beam, she can draw the closest Drone to the glass window outside of the track so that she can destroy them.

The Dark Aether equivalent of this room was the Unseen Way.

Connecting rooms[]


3 Harmony Class Drones (not on first visit)
"Mechanism: "Harmony" Class Drone
Rogue maintenance unit.
Roving mechanoid with energy-based attacks. Avoid direct contact."


Maintenance units
"Object scan complete.
This is a simple maintenance unit.
Programmed to perform routine tasks, the unit functions well despite several decacycles of service."
Gyroscopic rings
"Object scan complete.
This is a gyroscopic ring.
Unit is part of an energy production system. It has been running the same process for approximately 30 cycles. Appears to be in automated mode: manual bypass mode may be used to override function."
Gyroscope control panel
"Gyroscopic system engaged.
Safety systems online.
Safety lockdown code is as follows:
Gyroscope control panel (offline)
"Gyroscopic system disengaged.
Safety lockdown in effect.
Security override activated. Control of gyroscopic system offline pending official review."


  • The damage wall inflicted to Samus only occurs in the 'front' of the Ring. Should Samus enter the room from Hall of Combat Mastery without disabling the gyroscopic ring first, she will fall into a Secret World.