The Mining cannon is a mining device created by Space Pirates used for purposes in collecting Phazon. The device alternates between firing a mining laser and using a tractor beam to suck up anything in the immediate vicinity. While the cannon is not made for combat, Samus is required to destroy it in order to acquire the Nova Beam.


When the battle starts, three Space Pirates will drop into the room. These will be Advanced Pirate Troopers, though as the battle progresses, they will be replaced with Commando Pirates. The Mining cannon, for the duration of the battle, will fire lasers in the middle of the room, with the Space Pirates for defense. Samus must wait for the Mining cannon to become a tractor beam, and then let a Space Pirate, which should be reduced to no armor, get sucked up by the beam and be killed. The Mining cannon will be overloaded for a time, revealing four weak spots; Samus must shoot one at a time to damage the cannon. The destruction of the cannon rewards Samus with the Nova Beam.

The Pirates will enter Hypermode and throw grenades at Samus to cause a Phazon Overload, so she must be ready to fire rapidly if she is hit. If Samus falls into the hatch in the center, she will die instantly. Samus will be severely damaged if she is sucked up while not in Morph Ball form.


Drill Shaft 1 (1)
"This beam sucks up and transports the loose Phazon cut free with the mining cannon."
Drill Shaft 1 (2)
"Mining cannon cycles fires a high-frequency beam that is used to cut through Phazon deposits."
Main Cavern
"Mining cannon cycles between beams that cut Phazon deposits and suck up the broken pieces."