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Minoru (ミノル?) is a young boy living with his older (unnamed) sister on an agricultural world that is totally frozen over.


Seen in chapter 3 of Metroid EX, he meets Samus Aran, Joey Apronika and Diesel when they land on his planet in response to a distress call. Immediately he attacks them, because they landed their ship in their parents' garden. His sister, who is more reserved, attempts to calm him down. She reveals that the planet once had a flourishing agricultural industry before one of its two suns went into eclipse. The other sun was not able to support the planet's climate and it froze over. Minoru's family were the only people who remained after the freezeover, and his parents died tilling their treasured garden. Minoru is very protective of his parents' garden. After Samus and her friends reverse the eclipse (which was caused by Greed's tampering), Joey returns to the planet and gives Minoru his garden hoe, encouraging him to return to work.