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Introduce yourself to the world of Metroid Prime: Federation Force!


Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing is a trailer for Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It was released on July 21, 2016. As of August 2017, it has 135,848 views. Unlike other Federation Force trailers, the dislike-like ratio is not as severe, at only 3,449<3,735.

The trailer is 14:33 long, and features gameplay footage interspersed with four Nintendo of America staff playing it, and commentary from Kensuke Tanabe, the game's producer. Tanabe speaks in Japanese, with an English translator, and is wearing a unique shirt with a Metroid on it throughout the trailer.

The staff members present include JC Rodrigo, Gil Ruta, Scott Willson and Grant Hanlon. They begin by showing off the MODs and deciding who will equip what items for the mission. The first mission they play is M15: Mother Lode, and the trailer shows them working in tandem. The screen shifts between what is being shown on the 3DS of all four players.

Next, they play M14: Tremor and battle Cyranon, with Scott finishing it off using a Super Missile.

Tanabe explains the game's story, and unusually, shows off part of the ending of the game, including the Doomseye and M22: Convergence. Tanabe continues the trailer by explaining the multiplayer and single player components, the process of working with Next Level Games, the game's controversial art style, and Blast Ball. He ends the trailer by announcing that Metroid Prime: Blast Ball will be available on the Nintendo eShop ahead of the full game's release.

The video can be viewed here: [4]


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