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The Mission Final screen is the end result screen for the three games in the Metroid Prime trilogy. It has varied in its design through the games, but typically shows Samus posing victoriously, while the game file's clear time and item completion percentage are displayed. If certain requirements were met during the playthrough of a game, messages will also display notifying the player that Hard Mode or art galleries have been unlocked. All three games play the track Record of Samus on the Mission Final screen.

Metroid Prime[edit | edit source]

Samus is shown with her helmet off. She poses for a second, and thrusts her Arm Cannon into the air victoriously.

The Wii versions of the original Metroid Prime add a slight change to the screen. The shot of Samus posing is not frozen, but is quickly replaced by scrolling, indiscernible data, while a new image of Samus posing with her helmet is displayed on-screen.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[edit | edit source]

Mission Final (MP2).png

An image of Samus's retina being scanned is briefly shown, before the camera zooms out to focus on her whole body as she looks off to the side. The numbers 37/59 are displayed on-screen, but do not serve any apparent purpose. "Retinal Identification Systems" are referenced.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[edit | edit source]

Mission Final (MP3).png

The same pale blue screen that appears in the Game Over scenes is displayed. After a moment, Samus appears on-screen, pointing her Arm Cannon toward the screen, before turning to her left. The camera focuses on the Cannon for a moment, and then Samus disappears. A line can be seen moving up and down on the screen.

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