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The "Mockball" (pronounced MOK-BALL) or "Machball" is an exploitable glitch in Super Metroid. It enables the player to move in Morph Ball form at running speed, allowing them to morph over Pit Blocks. A variant, known as the Speedball (not demonstrated in the video below), can be used by allowing the Speed Booster to charge before starting the Mockball. The Mockball can be used to get Super Missiles and the Ice Beam early. Many Speedrunners use this trick to move under Morph Ball passages more quickly to save time, and to Sequence Break the game. It is still unknown whether or not this trick is actually a glitch. Many people have looked over the game's code and are trying to find if the Mockball is written into it.

Super Metroid Mockball Machball

Super Metroid Mockball Machball

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