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Navigate obstacles and dangers as you control the Morphball through the use of the Touch Screen. Test your Morph Ball abilities as you collect modules.


Morph Ball First Hunt

Morph Ball is a game mode in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. In-game, it is a battle simulation used to test Samus Aran's combat abilities. Morph Ball training requires the player to guide Samus through a set of tunnels while collecting blue energy capsules known as modules, with the goal of reaching the end of the area in 55 seconds. The use of the Boost Ball is required to reach the goal and is activated by pressing up on the D-pad twice. The music for this trial is a remix of the Parasite Queen's battle theme. This mode takes place in an area that appears to be an early form of the Stasis Bunker level in Metroid Prime Hunters. Zoomers are present as enemies and can pose a minor threat. This challenge is called the "Morph Ball diagnostics program" at the end. The highest possible point score is 72250 for collecting all of the modules.

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