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Metroid: Zero Mission

Morph Ball launchers[1][2] are devices that shoot the Morph Ball to great heights.


Morph Ball launchers first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission, particularly throughout Kraid's Hideout. These launchers were of Chozo origin, and each featured two statues of large birds on the sides of the machine's only opening. If Samus Aran entered this slot in Morph Ball mode and laid a Bomb, the entire machine would glow, sending a kinetic charge through her Power Suit and launch her straight up as a Ballspark. This allowed her to destroy enemies, Boost Blocks and even Pit Blocks that were located directly above the Morph Ball launcher, stopping only when Samus impacted an indestructable surface.

In Zero Mission, one of the Chozo-based Morph Ball launchers appeared in Brinstar, hidden under the Starting Point. Samus could uncover it through the use of a Power Bomb and use it to launch herself up to Crateria. This machine in particular was the only thing allowing access to the tunnel connecting Brinstar to Crateria.


UAM 18

Metroid: Other M

Morph Ball launchers re-appeared in Metroid: Other M, though these were built by the Galactic Federation. They appeared as simple Bomb Slot-like mechanisms on the ground of certain locations. Contrary to those found on Zebes, these launchers allowed Samus to roll on twists and turns of tunnels located on the BOTTLE SHIP, rather than going through straight paths only.