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The "Mother Ship's first chamber" is a room in the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The chamber is a large room comprised of purple architecture. In the background, more architecture can be seen including what appear to be portholes, vents and buttresses. A small incline exists in the center of the floor, which leads directly underneath a pillar attached to the ceiling. Toward the left, there is a wide midair platform with two shutters, which will close shut below if the Pirate Alarm System is triggered, in which case it can be circumvented through a narrow gap above. Two more midair platforms lead to an upper walkway, which slopes downward toward the exit. Above the main entrance to this room is a passage from a Save Room.

Samus comes into this room as she is exploring the Mother Ship in search of an escape vessel. When she crawls into the room via the passage, a Zebesian will be directly below her. If a Perfect Stealth run is being performed, this is the first room where it either begins or ends. Avoiding the Pirate's detection is very difficult; to do so, Samus must quickly jump down and shoot it with her Paralyzer when it turns away from her. It moves left and right frequently and if it catches her, the Alarm System will trigger, the shutters will close and intense music begins to play, forcing Samus to flee. Another Zebesian is positioned on the highest midair platform. If Samus has not been detected, she can shoot at it diagonally, when it is facing away from her, and then jump up and quickly move on before the Pirate's paralysis wears off. These Zebesians will respawn on subsequent visits.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

214 SAVE AND SCATTER (pg. 79)
"After you record your progress, climb into a tight passage above the red hatch. In the next room, you'll set off the alarm as soon as you drop to the floor. Run from the Space Pirate and climb up to the next platform."
"Your pistol is weak, but it can freeze a Space Pirate in its tracks for a very short time. Hit the creatures and run before they thaw."