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The "Mother Ship armory" is a room on the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room is found near the top of the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It cannot be accessed until the Fully Powered Suit has been obtained. It is a short vertical room with a high ceiling, a pedestal in the center and two laser tripwires on either side of it. Touching these sets off the Pirate Alarm System.

While exploring Chozodia in search of the Ruins Test, Samus enters a large chamber with a chacmool-like Chozo Statue, holding a Power Bomb. By the time she reaches the statue, a Zebesian has taken it and is seen leaving the room. Unable to catch up to it, Samus continues through Chozodia until she completes the Ruins Test and earns the Fully Powered Suit. Returning to the Mother Ship, Samus reaches its bridge and descends into a tunnel. At the end of this, the Zebesian from earlier can be seen taking the Power Bomb into this room. Following after it, Samus finds the Zebesian gone, but the Power Bomb on the pedestal in the center of the room.

It is possible to collect the item without touching the tripwires by Space Jumping over them. Setting off the Power Bomb will not trigger them. If the tripwires are touched and the alarm is set off, three Zebesians will enter the room via both doors, two from the entrance.

Connecting rooms[]



Full view.

Power Bomb
In the center of the room.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

255 power bomb tank (pg. 85)
"When you reach the tunnel above the walkway that leads to the center of the ship's upper-left section, you'll watch a Space Pirate carry the Power Bomb upgrade to the next room. Bomb your way left, then blast open a passage to the main path.
Beams enclose the Power Bomb upgrade on its left and right sides. If you don't want to trip the alarm, use the Space Jump to fly up and over the left beam, then drop to the pickup."
"To keep from setting off the alarm, Space-Jump up and over the right beam. If you don't mind setting off the alarm, walk through the beam then fight the aliens that answer the call. Next, detonate a Power Bomb anywhere in the room to open the yellow hatch."