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The "Mother Ship entrance" is a room in the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The entrance is a short corridor with a secret ventilation duct underneath. The corridor itself is unremarkable, consisting of purple architecture and a background wall with a motherboard-like pattern. The doors into and out of the room are Green and Red Hatches, making it impossible for Samus to come in that way as she enters the Mother Ship suitless. She instead enters through a secret ventilation shaft from outside the Mother Ship, which runs underneath the entrance's floor. This part of the room is pink and has a long grate in the foreground. The shaft is narrow enough that Samus is forced to crawl through it. It leads into the Mother Ship's Map Room. Later, when Samus has acquired the Fully Powered Suit, she can return here to collect an expansion (see below).

A stealth-sounding remix of the Wrecked Ship theme from Super Metroid begins to play in this room, and will continue in subsequent rooms until Samus is detected, unless a Perfect Stealth run is achieved. The Wrecked Ship remix will always play in this room, even if the Space Pirates catch Samus in it on later visits. While the Pirate Alarm System will flash, no other Pirates will be summoned.

Connecting rooms[]



Super Missile Tank
Requires Fully Powered Suit. In the ceiling above the ventilation duct.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"You won't have the means to open the green hatch at the top of the ramp, so you'll have to find another way into the ship. Kneel at the ship's base and blast away at a pair of blocks. Crawl into the open passage and continue to the map room."
260 super missile tank (pg. 87)
"Wind your way down to the lower corridors and zip through the map room. Fire at the ceiling in the next corridor to reveal a Super Missile Tank. Use a missile to blast the block under the tank to access the item."