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Not to be confused with the Landing Sites used by Samus.

The "Mother Ship landing site" is a three-part room in Chozodia, outside the Space Pirate Mother Ship. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Following the crash-landing of Samus's Starship back on Zebes, she emerges from it without her Power Suit, lost in the crash and infiltrates the Mother Ship in order to find an Escape Ship. In a cutscene, she is seen observing the Mother Ship from afar. Samus's mission begins on the far right of this room. A wall on the right prevents Samus from reaching the area shown in the cutscene, and her crashed Starship cannot be seen from this room. While she is here, an Acid Rain storm is occurring. The environment outside of the Mother Ship consists of purple rock material, lined with large green plants that resemble long strands of curved grass. Tall mountains can be seen in the background.

The entrance to the room.

In the second half of the room (after a screen transition), Samus comes to the rear exterior of the Mother Ship. As Samus passes under the ship, she reaches a wall that almost touches the ground, and has to crawl under the gap between the ship and ground to proceed.

In the third part of the room (after another transition), there is a section above Samus with six windows in an unreachable hallway. A Space Pirate can be seen patrolling, but it will not notice Samus. Under this is a ramp going up to the left, with a Green Hatch at the top. This cannot be opened on the first visit since Samus is in her Zero Suit. She instead finds an alternate entrance by shooting blocks at the base of the ship and locating a hidden tunnel, which she crawls into. As she enters the Mother Ship, a robotic eye is seen opening.

On the first visit, an Acid Rain storm is occurring, although Samus is unaffected by it. By the time Samus obtains the Fully Powered Suit and returns to this room (for a Power Bomb Tank), the rain will have stopped and the sun will have begun setting.

Samus monologue[]

The timing of my escape couldn't have been worse. I was attacked by Space Pirates and left nearly defenseless, stripped of my Power Suit. All I had for protection was my rather useless emergency pistol. Infiltrating the Space Pirate Mother Ship so armed may have been foolish, but I had no choice...

Could I survive long enough to escape?

—Samus Aran

Connecting rooms[]



Power Bomb Tank
Requires Power Bombs. After obtaining the Fully Powered Suit and Power Bombs, Samus can return to the first part of this room and climb a ledge on the hull of the ship. Using a Power Bomb, she will destroy a block guarding this Tank.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

212 TIGHT SQUEEZE (pg. 78)
"Since you don't have the Morph Ball, you can't roll through narrow passages, but you can crawl. As you advance to the left, Samus will drop to her hands and knees automatically when you reach the small passage where the bottom of the ship almost meets the planet's surface."
"You won't have the means to open the green hatch at the top of the ramp, so you'll have to find another way into the ship. Kneel at the ship's base and blast away at a pair of blocks. Crawl into the open passage and continue to the map room."
"Use a Super Missile to open the green hatch that leads to Crateria. Exit the ship, run to the right and roll through the narrow passage between the bottom of the ship and the planet's surface."
262 power bomb tank (pg. 87)
"Climb up to the ledge on the right side of the ship's exterior and detonate a Power Bomb to uncover a Power Bomb Tank."