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"Mount Death", or "Mount Doom" is a large room in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


Mount Death is a massive room in the underwater part of Maridia. Numerous diamond-esque structures with a square pattern are seen in the background; these unknown objects are present in other rooms in Maridia as well.

The door to the room is situated on a staircase of sorts made of an articial material, leading to a rocky cliff. The cliff, and other parts of the room are lined with grasses that resemble the Bryyo bomb plant. The lower wall of this cliff has a hidden tunnel into the previous room, a tall cavern, which takes Samus to a hidden Super Missile Tank. At the bottom of the cliff is a Blue Door leading into another room. At the top are a series of Grapple Points, which are used to scale the room and reach the exit, which leads into the second half of Maridia. Some of the Grapple Points are found on pipe structures mounted to the ceiling. There are two pairs of individual Grapple Points in midair as well, which Samus can use if she falls from the ceiling points. She can also stand on them.

On the other side of the room is a protruding cliff below another ledge, on which the exit door is situated atop a similar staircase structure. The wall here can be ascended using Grapple Points or well-timed Wall Jumps. Another door is situated underneath this cliff, and leads to the same room as the bottom left door.

There are three rock constructions in the lower center of the room, two of which are found in midair, while the third is connected in part to the floor. These act as platforms in case Samus falls. They have ridged undersides and an almost triangular shape near the top, while the tip of what would be a triangle is flat. Powamps float above each rock formation, and can be used as grappled onto in order to reach the points again in the event of a fall.

Mount Death is featured in the Super Metroid attract mode.


The room gets its name not due to any especially dangerous hazards in it, but because many speedruns of Super Metroid fail upon entering the room, due to its structure. The spacing between Grapple Points may cause some speedrunners to fall onto one of the hills below if they miss a point, and attempting to get back to the Grapple Points takes up time. Some runners resort to repeatedly freezing the Scisers and using them as platforms, which is time consuming, or disabling the Gravity Suit on the Samus Screen so that the physics will cause Samus to move farther when grappling in the room.

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