Mounted Blast Shield

Samus tears a Mounted Shield from a door using her Grapple Lasso.

Mounted Blast Shields are metal shields that cover certain Doors in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons, so instead they can be ripped off if enough force is used. The Grapple Lasso is capable of targeting and tearing them from the Door. Most have extra security precautions, such as combination locks or cords attached to the adjacent wall. These additions can be removed by Beam weapons, allowing the Blast Shield to be ripped free. They appear only on Norion, and have a Federation symbol on the front. When pulled off, they are dangerous since they fly off at a high speed.

Logbook entryEdit

Before removing locks
"Blast Shield is invulnerable to weapons fire. Shoot the security optics to enable removal."


Mounted Blast Shield

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Mounted Blast Shield
A strong pull should be enough to rip the lock from its brackets.

Logbook entry

Mounted Blast Shields are unique in that they often have a primary locking system. These systems commonly come in the form of multiple release locks that must be hit in a sequential order. Once this locking system is disengaged the shield can be removed. Weapon fire is insufficient to damage the shield, but it can easily be torn off with a strong pull.


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