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The Multiviola Nest (マルテビオラの巣?)[1] is a room in Ridley's Lair in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


The Multiviola Nest is constructed primarily from green blocks, with a few silver pillars hanging from the ceiling and floor, and three in midair. It is a long, horizontal corridor with a narrow middle section. There is a passage beneath the corridor that avoids most of the enemies, although it is flooded with lava in Metroid and is therefore not very useful to Samus Aran.

In Metroid, the appropriately-named Multiviola Nest is infested with Multiviolas, constantly bouncing off of surfaces for the entire length of the corridor. The close quarters often make it difficult to dodge the Multiviolas or use the Screw Attack. However, since Multiviolas often drop large amounts of Energy or Missiles when killed, this room is useful for replenishing Samus's stock.

In Zero Mission, the Multiviola Nest ironically no longer has Multiviolas, and it is much shorter in length due to the addition of a new room to the left. The pillars have been removed as well. Three Air Holes are home to Zebbos, while three Holtz lurk above. The right end of the room is blocked off by a Pit Block, so Samus can only fully traverse the room from left to right; if she enters through the Blue Door on the right, she is stopped by a dead end. Additionally, falling into one of the pits in the room directly above will drop her into the right side of the Multiviola Nest.

Connecting rooms[]



Zero Mission[]


Energy Tank
In Zero Mission, Samus can bomb the floor and enter the room's Secret Passage. Directly below the middle Air Hole is an Energy Tank sitting on a pedestal.

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Victory Techniques for Metroid[]

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"This is a Multiviola Nest!! Use it to collect Energy."[1]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

172 energy tank (pg. 66)
"Open the next hatch, stop at the short green wall and bomb through the floor. Drop, roll to the right and grab an Energy Tank."


  • Although it is referred to as a nest, the Multiviola Nest does not feature any larval Violas in either game.