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Mysterious Statue Chamber (謎の彫刻部屋?)[1] is an ominous theme in Super Metroid. It was composed by Kenji Yamamoto.

It is heard only in the chamber with the Golden Statues depicting Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon and Ridley. The theme contains bubbling water effects (owing to the water present in the room), drum beats similar to that of the Norfair Hot Lava Area theme, and a deep male chorus. The theme gives a deeply unsettling feeling as Samus visits the room in order to enter Tourian, once the mentioned bosses have been felled.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, the theme of the Stone Statues serves a similar purpose and is very similar in composition. Short Battle has a nearly identical melody to Mysterious Statue Chamber, and Frigate Orpheon's tense melody is also reminiscent of this track.

The theme can be heard here.