Samus Aran and Gandrayda, who is disguised as Federation Marine NZG41.

NZG41 (referred to as the Captured GF Trooper in Objectives) was the designation of a "Federation Marine" that sent Samus a transmission when she was on the Pirate Homeworld, claiming he was a Marine captured during the raid on Norion, but had managed to escape, and was in hiding on the Homeworld. Directing her to his coordinates, she saved him from two Armored Pirate Militia. In return the Trooper said he would help her find a way into the Craneyard to acquire a Hazard Shield unit, apparently knowing of a "back entrance to that location". However, as they entered the Proving Grounds via Elevator, he revealed himself to be Gandrayda in disguise. It is unknown if there was or is a real trooper with this registration code, or if Gandrayda just made it up.

Who voiced NZG41 is unknown.

Transmission[edit | edit source]

NZG41 contacts Samus when she enters the Security Air Lock from the other side.

--is Federation Trooper NZG41. Can anyone read me, over? Repeat, this is--

--transmitting on an encoded channel--

I was taken prisoner during the attack on Norion, but I've managed to escape--

--I have information about how to bypass the acid rain and get through to the Seed.

I don't know how long I can evade capture!

--transmitting my coordinates now.


Hints as to NZG41's true identity[edit | edit source]

  • The G in NZG41 may be foreshadowing that the Marine is actually Gandrayda because when Gandrayda shifts into another bioform, a "-G" usually follows the name. Examples would be Samus-G, Rundas-G and Ghor-G. At the same time, it is possible that "G" here was in the actual name of the Federation Marine who was captured during the raid on Norion, thus making this coincidental.
  • It may also seem odd that not only did the Space Pirates keep a prisoner alive, they also allowed 'him' to keep all of his equipment and armor. Samus may also have had her suspicions, as she pre-emptively dodged the Marine's shots even while her back was turned, when the Marine did not follow her.
  • If Samus scans 'him', the Federation Marine temporary scan comes up, but not the option to view the full Logbook entry.
  • If Samus looks closely into the room without the Space Pirates noticing her it appears the Pirates are missing on purpose as their aim is way off.
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