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The Namihe[1][2] (ナミヘ?)[3] is a tunnel worm found in the deepest parts of the planet Zebes.


Super Metroid[]

The Namihe is found stationary in the walls of extremely hot caverns of Norfair, where it will constantly spit blue-hot fireballs. Namihes are very similar to Funes except for their large, red eyes; they also spit fireballs at a much faster rate. In Super Metroid, Namihes are completely indestructible, but they can still be frozen for a shorter duration than other creatures.

Metroid: Other M[]

Chronologically, Other M is the Namihe's first appearance since the destruction of planet Zebes. At least one specimen is found aboard the BOTTLE SHIP in Sector 1 / Biosphere, alongside one Fune. Unlike the Namihes and Funes on Zebes, which were seemingly passive predators, this particular duo are extremely aggressive and freely travel their environment rather than staying nestled within walls. These changes may be due to genetic manipulation by the Galactic Federation to create bioweapons, but their aggressive behavior is more likely the result of either the aggravating cries of the infant Ridley clone or the psychic influence of MB.

As Samus explores the Biosphere, a Namihe emerges in the long dirt tunnel and rushes at her. With a SenseMove, she is able to jump over it and watch the Namihe disappear behind her.

Later, Samus fights the Namihe and Fune together as a mini-boss in the Subterranean Control Room, sharing the same attack pattern as one another. At first they hide within the walls and ceiling, occasionally emerging to spit electric projectiles at Samus, reminiscent of their species' previous behavior. Samus must target the Namihe in Search View and stun it with a Missile, forcing it to reveal itself.

At this point, the Namihe is capable of temporarily entering a state in which it absorbs any of Samus' beam shots; once it has absorbed enough, it uses the energy to strengthen its own projectiles into a single blast that launches a spread of energy bombs. The Namihe also has a grapple attack where it swallows Samus and then spits her out again. After enough damage, a Charge Beam leaves it stunned so it can be finished with a Lethal Strike. Missiles can still be used, but they do not stun the creature for a Lethal Strike, so it is less effective. If Samus takes too long to kill the Namihe, it will hide back in the wall.

After either the Namihe or Fune is defeated, the other one becomes more difficult to battle. For example, the remaining creature will have a shorter Lethal Strike vulnerability window, and it will move faster between holes in the wall so it is harder to hit with a Missile.

Metroid Fusion[]

Two Namihe in Sector 3.

Later, Samus finds Namihes on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in both Sector 3 (PYR) and one part of the Habitation Deck; these Namihes, however, are either infected by X Parasites or are actually X mimics. The X versions of the Namihe have extendable necks and will lunge at Samus when she approaches. They can also spit fireballs at an angle whenever their target is out of their lunge attack's reach. These infected Namihes are much less heavily armored than their natural counterparts, as Samus can kill them with Missiles or charged shots.

Because many X-infected Funes change into Namihes after a certain point in Metroid Fusion, it is very possible that Funes are young Namihes. This is supported by the fact that Namihes have eyes while Funes do not seem to possess any, suggesting that their eyes have yet to develop.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Norfair. They spit fast, blue fireballs from their mouths.
Normal 20 10 31 31 31 2 2


Nintendo Official Guidebook for Metroid Other M[]

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NAMIHE & FUUNE (pg. 161)
"These massive snake-like creatures attacks by poking out of alternating holes in the wall. Watch out for when their face appears. When it does, launch a missile and finish them off once knocked outside."

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Bosses (pg. 18)
Namihe and Fune
"There are Namihe and Fume [sic] worms that live inside the BOTTLE SHIP’S walls. When they come out to attack, they know better than to expose their entire bodies. They peek their heads out, launch electric projectiles, and then retreat back into the walls. Shoot the worms while their heads are exposed and they will eventually wriggle out of their holes. When they rear up to unleash an attack, use your Charge Beam to stun them. When they drop, rush their heads and use Lethal Strikes to kill them."
Boss Battle - Namihe and Fune (pg. 62)
"Backtrack the way you came and stop to save your progress at the Navigation Booth just outside the next room. When you enter the next room, two tunnel worms come crashing out of the walls! This time, they don’t pass you by without attacking. They attack you with glowing orbs of energy from their mouths and occasionally come out of their tunnels to bite you!
Wait for the tunnel worms to pop their heads out of the wall and hit them with missiles. The missiles force them to retreat back into the walls temporarily. Move around the room until they begin to creep out again and continue to shoot them with missiles. If they slither out of the walls completely, run away from them to avoid getting chomped and shoot them from afar when they snake into the air, ready to strike. An alternate attack is to hit them with the Charge Beam while they’re out of the walls, then rush them and finish them off with a Lethal Strike.
If you cannot get the slimy beasts with a Lethal Strike, finish them off with missiles. The tunnel worms are more vulnerable to missiles while they execute their vortex breath attack. Stand as far away from the vortex as you can and unload as many missiles as you can. Crush both tunnel worms. Then the small square hatch in the corner of the room opens up. Drop into Morph Ball mode and roll in."