"Data recording and shield restoration sequence activated.
Sequence complete. Process successful."

Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer

A Biosphere Navigation Booth

Navigation Booths are communication areas in Metroid: Other M. They triple as Save Stations, Map Stations and Missile Stations and, aside from her Gunship, are the only places where Samus Aran can restore all of her energy and refill her Missiles. They provide a place for the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon to communicate with one another when not together, due to the malfunction of their comm systems, while Samus's remains functional. This makes the booths similar to Navigation Rooms and Samus's Starship in Metroid Fusion, although Samus does not use them as such.

A Navigation Booth with auxiliary power

In order to activate the station, Samus needs to stand on the platform without any beams charged. Once activated, the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer will sound and say, "Data recording and shield-restoration sequence activated." and after saving is complete, "Sequence complete. Process successful." When Samus visits a target Navigation Booth farther on into the area, an additional part of the map is revealed after saving, and Samus's next objective will be shown on the map with a nav point. This feature is used in Map Stations and the aforementioned Navigation Rooms.

There are three Navigation Booths in the Main Sector, seven in Sector 3, nine in Sectors 1 and 2 and two in the Bioweapon Research Center.

On-screen tutorial[]

Stand on the platform to save the game.

Unique Navigation Booths[]

One Booth in the Biosphere has an extra exit; a part of the wall to the Navigation Booth's side is susceptible to Bomb/Missile fire. It leads to the observation deck. The other door leads into the jungle environment, but is locked until the terminal in the Subterranean Control Room is used.

The first Navigation Booth encountered is at first dark. If Samus saves there while it is dark, the light is orange and not the usual green. This Booth is likely using auxiliary power from a backup generator. During the countdown sequence at the end of the game, this Booth is covered in flaming rubble. It would not be usable regardless as Samus is suitless.

While exploring the Pyrosphere, Samus comes to a "lava-filled room" with Grapple Points, and cannot cross it as she has not been authorized to use the Grapple Beam by Adam. This is entered from a Navigation Booth. When she returns to it, she is tasked by Adam with going to Sector 2 to look for survivors.

After defeating the Vorash in Blast Furnace Observation, Samus enters another Navigation Booth. She is contacted by Adam, who tells her he has tracked the Mystery Creature to the Geothermal Power Plant. He orders her to take it down. Samus makes an audible gasp when Adam gives her this news.