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"Neo-Ridley's room" is an unnamed room within Sector 1 (SRX) on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station. It appears in Metroid Fusion. This is where Neo-Ridley is fought and defeated.


Neo-Ridley's room is a large metallic vertical room located at the end of the Tourian-like area of Sector 1 (SRX). The room's original purpose is unknown. The floor and walls are metallic and separated into multiple panels, similar to the electronic junkyard found in Sector 5 (ARC), with lighting creating a red tint towards its bottom. The door featured at the top right of the room locks upon Samus Aran's first entry of the room. To exit, Samus must Space Jump.


Upon falling into the room Samus finds the corpse of the Ridley clone, replicated after the copy she had seen in Sub-Zero Containment shattered, with an X Parasite escaping. The corpse appears to be inanimate at first before its eyes glow red and it morphs into Neo-Ridley. Samus battles and defeats the X Parasite mimic of her nemesis, and absorbs its Core-X, regaining her Screw Attack ability. After this, she can leave the room.

Connecting rooms[]

The room is entered from a corridor filled with Beta Acid and Rippers, guarded by a Gadora.



  • In an earlier prototype of Metroid Fusion, Neo-Ridley's room has a blue tint instead of red.
  • The room's layout, with an emphasis on verticality and an entrance in the top right corner, resembles the room in which the original Ridley is fought in his Lair in Super Metroid. Another unused variant, most likely used for playtesting purposes, makes the resemblance even clearer with an additional platform situated slightly above the floor.